Children of immigrants should not get free education, says Nigel Farage

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News from PUBLISHED: 00:01, Tue, Mar 17, 2015 GETTY Nigel Farage believes migrants should pay for their children’s private education Migrants would instead have to pay for private education until their children qualified. The policy is explained on the Ukip website. “Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependants for five years,” it reads. [...]

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‘Mental health issues in children have been a hidden struggle for too long’

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News from And this is where schools have a vital role to play – whether it’s giving children the opportunity to take part in activities that build character and resilience such as team sports or Duke of Edinburgh, or knowing when and how to spot the signs of potential mental health problems, so every [...]

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Mike Huckabee on Education Reform: Children Aren’t Dry Cleaning, Drop Them …

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News from Christian Post: By Jeffery Scott , CP Contributor August 23, 2014|2:46 pm Mike Huckabee Talks about Ferguson, Education WASHINGTON – Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News talk show host Mike Huckabee on Friday charged parents to accept the responsibility of educating their children, and for the church to pitch in to help ensure [...]

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Being educated in mainstream school hugely benefits children with special needs

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News from Irish Independent: Linda Daly Published 18/08/2014 | 14:53 smiling girl showing painted hands Adam Cowzer and Amy Conroy, aged five, pictured at the launch of Marks & Spencer’s partnership with Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) for the back to school period. Down Syndrome Ireland collection boxes are situated at till points in selected M&S [...]

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Undocumented Immigrant Children ‘Entitled Equal Access’ to Public Education …

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News from Latin Post: The U.S. Department of Education reaffirmed its position of welcoming new immigrant children to the classrooms. Based on data from the DOE, more than 840,000 immigrant students were in the U.S., with over 4.6 million learning English. “We have begun to receive inquiries regarding educational services for a specific group of [...]

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Autistic children being ‘robbed of an education because schools don’t know how …

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News from While most children went back to school this week after the half-term holiday, Josh Moore wasn’t among them. Four years ago, he was a happy ­nine-year-old thriving in a mainstream primary school. As with most boisterous young boys, his behaviour occasionally gave teachers cause for concern, but Josh was settled and doing [...]

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Children education: How to plan finance for it

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News from Deepak Education inflation is a problem. Rising costs are taking education, especially higher education, beyond the reach of even India’s middle classes. And God forbid if your child is eyeing an MBA at a high-ranking institution, a graduate degree at a foreign university and so on—the costs can be prohibitive. Sure, [...]

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Parents: Sex education to your children is vitalPublish Date: Jan 20, 2014

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News from New Vision: By Ashiraf SsebandekeThe schooling children are in the longest holiday of the year. It is assumed that parents are having discussions with them on almost every topic of their lives. But it is not the case; very few children are receiving attention from their “working” parents and most children, irrespective of [...]

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Stewart and Natasha Sutherland who took their children out of school for … – Daily Mail

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News from Stewart and Natasha Sutherland who took their children out of school for … – Daily Mail: Stewart and Natasha Sutherland will appear at Telford Magistrates’ Court Couple refused to pay initial £360 fine after holiday at the end of September They booked the holiday for their three children before guidelines came in Penalty [...]

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Forcing Children To Kiss Relatives May Be Harmful, Sex Education Experts Claim

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News from Huffington Post: No doubt it’s sometimes tough to get your reluctant kids to give grandma and grandpa a big smooch on the cheek upon arrival at a family gathering. And — according to a sex education chief in the UK — maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Lucy Emmerson, co-ordinator of the [...]

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